53,000+ words

I know. I didn’t post on Sunday, but I had a hard time meeting my writing quota last week, and didn’t feel like I should disburse all of my remaining words onto my blog when I should be aiming them all at my novel.

This week has proven to be less productive in word count as well so far. I find I’ve had more distractions that in the previous weeks, and when I sit down to write, I seemed less able to focus. I think it’s because I’m in the third act now, and trying to tie everything up. It’s a lot of pressure. I’m thinking the 80,000-word thing isn’t going to happen by Saturday, but hey, it was fun to think about. I’ve already made it to my original goal of 50,000 words, at least. Yay me! And I’ve learned what’s workable for next time.  I’m definitely doing this again.

In other related news, I met with Dr. Carroll on Saturday. He had some nice things to say about my previous novel, A Scribble in the Margins, and some exciting suggestions I can’t wait to implement. So I’ll work on my current novel until Saturday and then I’m putting it away for a little while. I’ll work on A Scribble in the Margins and my query letter in May and get it finished (again), and pick this novel up again after it’s had some time to ferment.

I’ve been reading Contact at the gym, so that’s been helping my creative process a little bit. It’s been fun to see the WHOLE story (way to ramble). I love you Carl Sagan!

Wish me words!