I have been fortunate to read two excellent books in a row--Room by Emma Donoghue http://www.roomthebook.com/#, and The Tragedy of Arthur by Arthur Phillips (thanks to Dr. Scott Rogers for the recommendation). The first I mentioned in a previous post. The second I finished today. The Tragedy of Arthur was not only a good story, but the ensuing "Shakespearean" play was beautiful. Go here: http://www.salon.com/books/laura_miller/2011/04/24/tragedy_of_arthur for more information about the novel if you're interested in reading an awesome book.

My next reading assignment is The War of Art by Steven Pressfield, then I'll finish Fool by Christopher Moore, and The Cattle Raid of Cooley: Táin Bó Cúailnge (which I started on my flight to London in 2008). As annoying as not having a laptop has been, it's given me time to catch up on all the reading I've put off for other things (Blast you Hulu! Blast you Bejeweled! Blast you other things I'll not admit to!)

I haven't done any editing this week since I am sans laptop, but I'm hoping to get it back in the middle of the week so I can edit my little heart out.  I've been romancing the idea of taking off for a week and spending eight hours a day writing like a crazy person...nothing but a giant bottle of wine and a bunch of sushi to sustain me. It would be tough but...suffering for art and all that.

Speaking of suffering, I do need to go inside a mine as research for my new novel. Anyone game to go with me?

Wish me laptop!

Blog off....