It’s been a while since I’ve blogged due to the fact that I haven’t. Don't be sad. All my word-flavored energies have been directed in another direction. I’m studying for the Series 7 and editing like mad. I should be done with my second novel, which I’ve renamed Afterdamp, by the end of this month. Currently, I’m reading it aloud to myself, and I’m a fantastic audience. I’ve found that reading it aloud makes a big difference. It’s helped me keep the dialogue and the flow of the story consistent. So I deem September national Afterdamp month. (We’ll see how much pull I have.) I want all my many readers to think happy thoughts about me and my novel to help me power through my final edits. Once I finish reading it out loud, I’ll construct a timeline to double-check the flow of my novel, and then all that’s left is to verify a few technical details. Anyone here an expert on mines? Rickets? Anyone?

Then comes A Scribble in the Margins. I’ll finish the hell out of that in October. October is Scribble month. I’ll need your Scribble-scented energies at my muse-desperate disposal. I need to put this story to rest.

That leaves the rest of the year to work on a little story I started when I was eleven—a charming tale of a reluctant teenage hero that I used to tell my sisters about at night while we were in bed (well before Harry Potter). My dad thought I was beating my sisters up because they were always doing my chores for me. But no…I was Tom Sawyering them into relieving me of my duties since telling my story at night was so exhausting. I’m a peach.

Ever the multitasker, I’m finishing up The Savage Detectives by Bolano while rocking cardio at the gym. I have several other books lined up to read when I’m done with that, and I’ve been told I must add The Devil in the White City by Larson to the list.

Wish me words!

Blog off….