Writers get inspiration from anywhere--an overheard conversation in a restaurant or a drop of oily water in the street. Inspiration is in imperfection. In perfection. In beginnings and endings. It's in fireball meteors or a beautiful photograph.

I often get midnight epiphanies based on a sound I misheard in a sleepy stupor or a half-dream I had two nights before. I wrote an entire novel based on the mental snapshot of a toddler scrambling ferociously up a hill in hopes of catching a glimpse of the sun.

If you Google "Strange Events" and hit the Images button, you have myriad story ideas at your fingertips including a street sign that says "Caution Zombies Ahead" and an astronaut carved into a 900 year old cathedral in Salamanca, Spain. (Apparently, someone felt the need to add it in the 1992 restoration, but still, great inspiration.) Of course if you're creative and you stare at your shower curtain long enough, you can find inspiration there too.

I am currently finding inspiration in a cup of coffee while I power through some articles I'm writing on the side. And there is a surprising amount of inspiration in the comfort of a cup of coffee. I could never been one of those writers who writes better drunk. I prefer to be alert and aware. And hopefully that inspiration (and caffeine) will carry me through today till the evening when I'll be writing something more creative again.

Blog off.