Preservation Hall Bass Drum
Preservation Hall Bass Drum
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Well it's official. My next work will be from the first-person perspective of a teenage boy. And it won't be science fiction. I don't know how that happened, but it happened somewhere in New Orleans' French quarter last monthmaybe after I stepped out of Preservation Hall in the rain, or perhaps somewhere near the little Tarot table on the street outside of
Café du Monde.

Wherever it happened, it happened. So starting on November 1st, I'll be 1,667-word-a-daying with a testosterone-dipped ballpoint pen for 2013's NaNoWriMo.

Astronaut , mission specialist of STS-121 and ...
Astronaut , mission specialist of STS-121
and STS-124 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Can I write from a teenage boy's perspective, you ask? I'm a certified expert. Not only do I have three boys, but two girls who like muscle cars and arm wrestling.

Side note: When my oldest daughter was in the 3rd grade, she picked up a kid and threw him across the playground because he was picking on her younger sibling.

Side side note: My youngest daughter owns more knives than I have shoes and is pretty much a sharpshooter.

Me changing a tire outside Hermosillo, Mexico
Me changing a tire outside
Hermosillo, Mexico
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I was also essentially a teenage boy until I was 16. I climbed trees,  played basketball, wanted to be as astronaut and tried to weasel my way into Boy Scouts. Furthermore, I grew up with five brothers, which is how I know about defensive eating, offensive driving and sucker punches. I'm painfully familiar with practical jokes and ninja training. I still wear the emotional (and physical) scars.

Still not convinced? I'm not afraid of needles, spiders, sweat or changing a tire. I like action movies more than chick flicks and vodka more than fruity drinks.

Side note: I also think chicks in Jeeps are hot.

All of the above qualifies me as an honorary dude. So if you happen to see me next month and I'm wearing a baseball cap and/or scratching myself, remember, it's for The Art!

Blog off.
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