This is a quick blog to update you on my NaNo progress. It’s currently day 23 and I’m at 51,000 words. I hope to write at least 9,000 more before the end of the month—and who knows, what with the long weekend and all maybe I’ll rock all the way to 70,000 words. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
Just a note: I’ve discovered that when I’m writing with the intensity that I have been this month, I have THE WEIRDEST DREAMS OF ALL THE PLANET! I’m not kidding. They’re so weird that I don’t feel like I can post them here in this public forum. But…uh…anyway. I’m totally normal, so don’t worry about that.
I hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving weekend and eat lots of turkey or tofurkey or whatever your poison is.
I love you all.