It is Day Nine of NaNoWriMo. Coincidentally, it is Day Nine of November. I believe there's a correlation. I fell full bore into NaNoLand and joined their Web site where I can keep track of my word count, read posts from others who have undertaken the same semi-insane task, and see a little graph of my progress. (At this rate you will finish on....) Last time I charted my progress in a Microsoft Project file, but it seemed redundant to do both this time. I can't tell you how helpful it's been just knowing that I'm not going through this alone. It's a little funny that I'm writing a novel (something I'd rather do more than almost anything in the world) and I feel that need to find comfort in companionship--to know I'm not suffering through this difficult time alone (like I'm recovering from a deadly disease).

Well it's not quite that bad. I love to escape with my laptop and lose myself in whatever story or poem I'm working on currently. As a matter of fact, despite weather-related obstacles, I've made good progress this week. I'm currently at 17,500 words. If only I got a dollar per word I typed, I could pay off a very specific debt right now. I'm just saying.

In other (weather-related) news: A. Tree. Fell. On. My Boyfriend's. Car. A tree. Thank you overzealous November snowfall! Thanks ever so.

In other other news: I finished Nausea by Sartre, Nearest Star by Golub & Pasachoff (for research), Our Man in Havana by Greene, and I'm currently reading The Cat Who  Walks Through Walls by Heinlein. I think there was one more book in there, but I can't remember right off what it was. I'd love to hear what everyone else is reading.

That is all.

Blog off.