Well folks. I did it. I NaNoWriMo-ed my butt off and finished the rough draft of a novel in 30 days. Just over 50,000 words ready to be rearranged, deleted and rewritten over the next few months. This makes novel number four, all at varying stages along the continuum of completion.

I feel like celebrating, but I'm tired, my neck hurts and my hands cramped up as I was power-typing my last 2,000 words. My forearms feel like I've been doing pull-ups all night. And here I've been wasting time at the gym. All I need is a late-night word count panic to whip me into shape.

That being said, I want to thank those of you who helped me through this month--who encouraged me to keep writing, or even thought to ask how it was going. And now, I'm going to watch some episodes of The Big Bang Theory as my reward.

That is all.