Pagani Zonda C12
Hamlet forever wonders "to be or not to be." That is his question. I ask his question minus the bilabial--"to 'e' or not to 'e'."

Hugh Howey
Hugh Howey
While there are many benefits to self-publishing an e-book, there are also many benefits to being an A-list actor, having a Top Ten single or owning this car. True success in any of these areas seems just as improbable. I hear self-publishing success stories often--like this dude, but he seems to be the exception rather than the rule. Intensive investigation (a Google search) shows the average take for an e-book is less than a grand a year. (See this link for absolute proof.) Of course a lot of self-published e-books suck because the authors think it's all right to edit their own stuff, but still, the numbers are disheartening.

I could say I'm only interested in writing for the art of self-expression, and the truth is, I will write until the day I die of a coffee overdose, even if only ten people (my children, my friends and the people who are too scared of me to say no) read what I write, but I won't pretend it's not my ultimate goal to make a living off royalties from my myriad successful novels, the subsequent movie rights and merchandise generated by said novels.

I'm just putting that out there.

Have a nice day.